Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Parody of Wilfred Brimley

Wilfred Brimley is perhaps the most irritating spokesperson for people with diabetes -- an old fossil with a severe speech impediment, he really annoys many of us to the point that we wouldn't buy anything endorsed by this guy even if the company was giving their product away! But its worth showing that its not only those of us with diabetes who are annoyed by this man, apparently, he's been the subject of parody on either The Simpsons or The Family Guy ... regardless, this is pretty amusing:


BetterCell said...

HaHa......I think that all women who plan to marry husbands w/T1DM should see this before the ceremony actually takes place.

George said...

I love it. The Family Guy can be very cruel at times but funny most of the time. This was great!

I also cannot stand this guy!

Drea said...

I was having the same thoughts about his after seeing a recent commercial!!