Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

This will be a quick posting, I assure you. But I did want to mention that yesterday, I received an e-mail that my blog had been chosen as a "Top 10 Diabetes Site" by the experts at As many people know, David Mendosa (whose writing I have followed for nearly a decade now) is one of the diabetes bloggers at HealthCentral, so I am quite honored by this distinction, and since this is my first blogging "award" I wanted to metion it! There are a few more of us from the Diabetes OC including on the list, and I can say, I regularly read all of the winners' blogs (they are all in my own reader)!

Anyway, that's all for now. You will note that I have added the awards icon in the margin, but I'm including it here as well:

HealthCentral Top Site Award


George said...

Very well deserved Scott!


Jenny said...

Great news, Scott. Your blog deserves the honor!


Sarah said...

You always have fabulous info here. Congrats!

..M.. said...

Great stuff, Scott! Congrats to you.

Pleased to see that the top 10 are sites I visit often, and probably the same bunch I'd chose (Though I'd want a top 30 at least, because the whole darned community is brilliant)

manny hernandez said...

Congrats, Scott!

I wrote a little post about the award on TuDiabetes:

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Scott!

Your writing is great and provides depth and references enough to enable/encourage further discovery.



Scott K. Johnson said...

Congrats Scott!! Very well deserved!

Bernard said...

Good job Scott and very well deserved. You write excellent posts full of information. Congratulations.