Tuesday, July 24, 2007

31 Years Later

Today marked an anniversary of sorts for me. If you visit the Children with Diabetes' "Quilt for Life" website and look at my quilt square (#464), according to my mother's records, July 24, 1976 was the day I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Truthfully, I wouldn't have even remembered it if I hadn't read Joanna's posting on the TuDiabetes website where she noted that Monday was her own 31st anniversary.

As I noted last year (see here for details), this is not a date that stands out in my memory, nor do I wear it as a badge of honor. No, I did not mark this anniversary with any particular celebration.

For this reason, I am disregarding all of the reports of sodas being toxic (we were never, ever given sodas as children in my house and my parents did not really buy it), but did want to mark the occasion with a can of Tab to mark the occasion, but although the original, aluminum-tasting cola diet soft drink is still available in cans in some parts of the country (New England, for example), I didn't happen to have any at home. Incidentally, the Coca Cola Company has recently re-launched Tab as a diet energy drink, which tastes worse than the original stuff, but the original now has something of a cult following today (if you don't believe me, see here for details). Anyway, since I didn't want to go to the supermarket, I decided to celebrate with a Fresca instead (I happened to have some at home), the only other diet soda that was widely available when I was diagnosed back in 1976. (Diet Pepsi emerged the following year.) Today, they have some new flavors for that brand, but I still prefer the original grapefruit flavor. Anyway, I wanted to wish myself a happy anniversary, as well as Joanna ... and perhaps its a few days early!


Kassie said...

I'm so glad when people post about their diabetes anniversary. It means different things to different people, but I love knowing just how long people have been living with diabetes. It always inspires me! Congrats!

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh yeah---Tab & Fresca. What lifesavers back in those days when our diets were more restrictive.
Some of the gas stations around here still carry it, but mine has to be ice cold.
I also remember immediately before they came out, there was "Pre-Sweetened Kool-Aid" which was absolutely ghastly - like pouring iron filings in the can and letting them steep.
Yes, it is weird to look back and think about the diagnosis date. Sometimes I feel amazed that I survived the dark ages; thankful for the new developments; curious about the future, and so bone-weary that I don't want to face another year.
Yet, I'm pretty sure I'll wake up tomorrow and hear that big fat cardinal singing outside my window, and another day of pleasant anticipation will begin.
Stay the course. I wish you contnued good health ahead.

Scott K. Johnson said...


I wish to congratulate you on a job well done. Living with the D is no easy task.

I appreciate all that you do for our community, and hope for the best for you.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Happy (??!) Anniversary! You forgot to mention Diet Shasta. That and Tab were the staples in our house.

Scott S said...

You're right ... how could I forget Shasta. I wonder what happened to that brand?

Kh├╝rt Williams said...

Congratulations on managing your disease for over 31 years. I look forward to celebrating my 31st as well (I'll be 70 by then).