Friday, October 05, 2007

2008 ADA Scientific Sessions to be Held in San Francisco

The American Diabetes Association has announced that next year's "Scientific Sessions" will be held in my former hometown, San Francisco, at the Moscone Center from June 6-10, 2008. In fact, one of my previous offices was located right next door, at 201 Third Street (right next to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), so I know the area very well. These sessions are aimed at the medical community, but the reality is that journalists, which is a term used quite loosely, can be extended to include bloggers, too. The benefits of attending are tremendous. Not only will you have access to new research, but the vendor exhibitions blow away anything you might find at the lame "Diabetes Expos" the ADA has introduced. The key, if you're interested in attending, is to make your reservations in advance, and to plan accordingly.

I'm not sure I'll be able to attend, but I recommend going if you're able! For details, see the link above!


BetterCell said...

I rather be attending some of the great Italian Restuarants in SF than the ADA and its obsessive leanings and bias to IRD(aka Type 2 Diabetes) in everything that they present.

Scott S said...

I certainly empathize with your perspective, and I would agree that much more than half of the presentations are specific to type 2, but there are relatively few meetings with such a concentration of type 1 findings in such a short period of time, and as I may have noted, the vendor presentations at the ADA Scientific Sessions will give you a preview of whats coming in the not-too-distant future -- again, a lot of it is just "new and improved" products, but occasionally, new stuff appears, too.

Anonymous said...


I suspect you have confused the 2007 ADA Scientific Sessions with the 2008. The dates and locations you list are the same as the 2007 mtg and I doubt the ADA has announced their June 2008 mtg yet.


Anonymous said...

I take it back. Nevermind, I'm the one who is confused.