Friday, August 14, 2009

Why NOT me?

As people who know me will vouch, I have a rather wry (and somewhat cynical) sense of humor. That's why today, Chris Bishop had a blog posting he titled "Why Not Me?", in which he makes some interesting points, but all I could think of when I read that was the scene by drag queen Charles Busch from the movie "Die, Mommie, Die!" entitled, appropriately enough, "Why Not Me?" Although this has really nothing to do with diabetes, it IS my Friday posting, and from MY perspective, I agree with this clip's closing statements when it comes to diabetes:

"The only part of this dump [meaning living with diabetes] that doesn't make me puke is the door, because that's the way I'm getting out!"

With all due respect to Chris, I'd be willing to trade life with diabetes for any number of things (then again, I wouldn't for something like cancer, for example) but I'm certainly not thankful for it. Truthfully, I'm counting the days until we'll be cured and can throw out all of the pumps, the meters, the insulin, the glucose tabs, the food scales, the CDE appointments and all of the other crap that goes with diabetes right in the trash! That's one reason why I, after 32 years of living with type 1, continue to do fundraising for the JDRF -- year after year.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I love both of the posts. I guess there are times where I feel a little of both.

When I hear about people suffering with one thing or another, I'm thankful that diabetes allows me (most of the time) to do (most) of what I want to do.

But most of the time I'm with you. It sucks, and I'd give almost anything to be rid of it.

David H. said...

I was diagnosed with type II almost 2 years ago.. It could be worst....but they are days it just plain sucks... :( Stumbled upon your blog, I'll will put you in my blogroll,