Friday, December 04, 2009

Weekend Video Parodies

This post is pretty unrelated to diabetes, but it's a weekend, so what can I say?

As my some of my former postings from previous holidays suggest (see here), I have a wry sense of humor, especially when it comes to television. Of course, my appreciation for parody is also extended to my child-like fixation for Wacky Packages, so I guess I never really outgrew it.

But short of the Tina Fey parody of Sarah Palin last year, I don't think Saturday Night Live (SNL) these days is really pushing the envelope. But in the days of its rivalry with MADTv, there was really some funny stuff on that show. Now, thanks to Hulu, I've snared a few of my favorite clips to share with everyone below. If you're offended, you don't need to watch, but hopefully, you will find these clips as funny as I did.

First, for those of you who were kids (or even teenagers) in the 1980's, who could forget the Smurfs, those little blue creatures that lived in a deeply-wooded forest in Europe someplace (like those really exist)? The show was really the last commercial hit for the animation powerhouse Hanna-Barbera before being acquired by Turner Broadcasting, which was itself sold to media conglomerate Time-Warner a number of years later. I like this SNL TV Funhouse version of the "Smurfette Show" starring the only female Smurf to live in the Smurf village. All grown up, the new Smurfette resembled Anna Nicole Smith (before her untimely demise) far more than the innocent little blue creature that she once resembled. See here for that clip:

Then, there is this funny parody of Walt Disney's closely-guarded "Disney Vault" and just how ridiculous these limited-time releases (in the day of eBay, is that even necessary anymore?) on videos really are, which seem more like a vestige of the control corporate America previously wielded, but today have less control over now with the advent of the Internet. Catch that clip here:

And who wouldn't love this SNL clip "Christmastime for the Jews" which depicts animated Jewish characters living it up while the gentiles are tied up in church or in family dinners?

All of this is funny, albiet warped, stuff! Have a great weekend!

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George said...

LMAO! We share the same sense of humor. So funny.