Tuesday, November 09, 2010

11/9: D-Blog Day & 6 Things You SHOULD know About Diabetes

In honor of WDD and Today is DBlog Day ... a tradition Gina Capone started back on November 9, 2005 during Diabetes Awareness Month to help unite diabetes bloggers and create more awareness about diabetes. Also, check out my recent post at "Most Americans Don't Know $#!t About Diabetes" for more cynicism!

This year's topic is: 6 things you want people to know about diabetes.

I have participated in some, but not all of these events in the past. It's your lucky month, folks, because I'm stealing much of my content from Scott Strange at "Strangely Diabetic". He's got 6 more years of life with diabetes than me (I've had 34 years as of 2010), but I added a few that were relevant to me. Guess which ones are mine!

1. Diabetes is not a death sentence, it is however a life sentence that requires constant dedication and attention. If I don't take care of it, "it" will "take care" of me.

2. Although there are better things to have, few are worse than diabetes. I have no fear of hell, after all, I've lived a lifetime with diabetes! The only great thing ever to come from this f'ing disease: the diabetes online community (the D-OC)! Thanks to all of my fellow members ... you guys and gals are AWESOME!

3. Managing diabetes is more art than science. Anyone who tells you otherwise has been studying the Complete Bullshit Guide to Diabetes Management 101, and obviously has no personal experience actually living with diabetes themselves.

4. The DCCT was not so much a landmark study, but a sentence to doubling the work required of the patient, as well as the cost passed on to the patient, without so much as a guarantee of a life without complications. Remind me WTF it did for me again?

5. Biosynthetic insulin analogues have done absolutely nothing to improve my glycemic control; I'd happily trade Levemir for porcine Lente any day, and I had a comparable HbA1c back then, too, plus life was easier and cheaper. But analogues have quadrupled the amount of money that I have to pay for insulin ... for life. Thanks for the advance!

6. I have Type 1 diabetes and no matter how much I exercise and how well I diet, I will be dead by tomorrow without an external supply of insulin.

What, only six?! Geez, that was quick!


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

"The Complete Bullshit Guide to Diabetes Management 101" - I could not help but laugh out loud.

It is indeed more of an art. Took me a while to accept that and once I did, it helped a great deal (though I hadn't studied the above referenced text, I was just stubborn as heck). :)

Scott Strange said...

hehe, glad I could help a brother out! I especially like the ones that are part me and part you!

Renata said...

I love number 3. To me sometimes it feels like trying to catch jello. Sometimes it lands flat in your hands, sometimes it slips right through your fingers.

Sandra Miller said...

Well done, Scott.

And as always, you raise some very interesting questions.

Kendra said...

I also love your third point. I've been saying that exact same thing since my diagnosis in '02 -- it's an aspect of managing the disease that most Type 1s figure out quickly. Now if we could just convince our doctors and everyone else at large... ;)

I just wish I was a better artist most days.