Tuesday, October 01, 2013

No D-Day Blog Post 2013

My friend George Simmons (a.k.a. Ninjabetic) created No D-Day a while back and I've done most if not all of them, plus its probably one of my favorite meme-themed posts because its supposed to have nothing to do with diabetes, even though I probably have plenty to discuss on that today, too (for example, I've been a Dexcom user since early this year, but I'm not allowed to talk about that in today's post, so I'll zip it on that topic for now).

My friends who know me know that in a addition to being a retro pop culture junkie (hence my other blog, hgm.sstrumello.com, I'm something of a culture vulture, too.  I go to the theater pretty regularly, and why wouldn't I?  I'm lucky to live in New York, where there's a lot of theater to choose from.  My personal preference is the off Broadway or the off-off Broadway stuff, because not only are those shows more daring and creative, but they're usually cheaper, too.  But I get to see a lot of big-time Broadway shows, too.  Most recently, I saw Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark, a show that got off to a really rocky start with a lot of cast injuries.  The show itself was really impressive from a technical features standpoint, though the script was only so-so.  But, if you visit NYC and pay full-price for show tickets, you're paying too much as any New Yorker will tell you (OK, I'm not a native New Yorker, I come from the Connecticut exurbs, but I digress).

Beyond that, work has been keeping me more than a little busy.  I actually don't mind that part of things, because the days go by really fast, but I struggle a bit with a manager who's an ocean away and we don't always get to communicate as I'd like to see.  Outside of that, I'm looking around see opportunities in working with the elderly and hopefully getting them up-to-speed on technology.  Its kind of a big deal, actually.  People like to think that stuff like iPads are sooo user-friendly, yet haven't seen an older person struggle with the technology or how intimidating that can be.  Even such things as changing the font size to make it easier to see are difficult, and they don't always feel fearless in looking around for information.  I see my own mother and how she gets nervous using technology, and it struck me that there's a need out there.  Plus, the so-called Apple store Geniuses don't seem all that approachable when you're older.  Then, no one tells them there are alternatives like Google Nexus 10s are far less costly, and many of them are living on fixed incomes.  So, I've reached out to a community center to see if they're interested.  They only do orientations for volunteers once per quarter, so I missed the last one, but I want to see if that's something I can do to give back because it won't be too long before I'm that age, and having someone who can patiently work with them might be welcome.  I like to see it as paying it forward, so we'll see how that pans out.

Anyway, that's not d-related, but I think that's a good thing!

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George said...

That is an awesome idea and I totally agree with you that there is a need. Thanks for participating in No D Day Scott! You rock!