Monday, October 24, 2022

Recommended Podcast Wholist Health Episode 205: What You Need to Know About Healthcare Middlemen

Today on my podcast recommendation is an episode from the podcast known as "Curate Your Health with Dr. Heather Hammerstedt" and more specifically, Episode 205: "What You Need to Know About Healthcare Middlemen" and that episode can be found at












It's possible some will think otherwise, but I didn't find many of the other "Curate Your Health with Dr. Heather Hammerstedt" podcasts interesting enough to recommend subscribing to it or the Wholist Health podcast generally because the content wasn't really my personal interest; it was heavily-focused on "lifestyle" health issues, which isn't related to my particular interests. They might be great for someone else (such as younger listeners; to each their own).

Anyway, the guest in this particular episode is Dr. Marion E. Mass, M.D., who's a practicing pediatrician in the Doylestown, PA area (located in Bucks County, which is really an extension of the Philadelphia suburbs), but Dr. Mass is also co-founder of an organization known as Practicing Physicians of America (PPA) More importantly, I really like the way Dr. Mass explains everything. She's a pediatrician who usually has to translate complex medical-speak for parents of young children so they understand what's going on with their children. As a result, I think she speaks with a clarity which is not only easy-to-understand, but it is also reassuring for people who don't necessarily have her understanding.

I also think its appropriate to acknowledge the role that "middlemen" have assumed in U.S. healthcare prices more broadly (and not only in pharmacy, but an equally important one is in the prices we pay if any when we need care in the hospital because there are organizations which purchase supplies ranging from syringes to bedpans, but they also get legally-exempted kickbacks, hence the bills anyone who goes to a hospital are artificially-inflated as a result). Before I recommend podcasts on PBM's and PBM reforms (and there WILL be a few of those in future recommendations), this episode is an excellent place to start.

Without getting too far off on a tangent, have a listen and maybe this will help translate some of the unnecessary complexity related to the U.S. healthcare system. So, once again, below is the actual podcast itself, while the link to this particular podcast is at

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