Monday, July 31, 2023

Podcast Episode Recommendation: FierceHealthcare's Podnosis

The publisher of FiercePharma, FierceBiotech, and FierceHealthcare (of note: they also publish other "Fierce" publications focused on Telecom, Cable TV, Entertainment, etc.) has a healthcare podcast which is calls "Podnosis" The FierceHealthcare team first began podcasting in 2020, but the healthcare focus shifted when it introduced a new podcast named "Podnosis" in 2022 and even gave it a logo (which if you look carefully, features a human heart in the center). 

The graphic describes the podcast as "The Pulse of the Healthcare Industry" but the more detailed description of the "Podnosis" podcast is as follows: 

The pulse of the healthcare industry. Every week, journalists from Fierce Healthcare dive into some of the industry’s biggest trends. We talk to the experts about what’s important now so you can prep for the future. Hear about all things healthcare, from physician practices to hospital chains and insurance giants—and those that mix all three—plus the tech they use, disruptors looking to compete and people moving the sector forward. 

While I'd stop short of recommending a subscription (there are already far too many podcasts out there, and it becomes harder and harder to listen to them all,) but I did find some episodes of this podcast worthy of listening to on occasion if time permits. On May 10, 2023, FierceHealthcare's "Podnosis" podcast featured a segment entitled "Ways to fix the PBM industry" in which Fierce's Frank Diamond spoke to A.J. Loiacono, who cofounded CapitalRx, which is a startup health tech PBM. Loiacono makes some good points, I would stop short of endorsing everything he says. Still, he talks about viable ways to fix the PBM industry, and how his own little company competes with the giants. The link to the episode can be accessed at or you can listen below. Skip ahead to 18:49 to get to the interview with A.J. Loiacono.

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