Thursday, October 29, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Public Schoolhouse Rock!

I was going to call this a "Timewarp Tuesday" posting, but since it's Thursday, I'll call it "Throwback Thursday" instead. Anyway, since Yahoo! retired it's free web-hosting service Geocities, I used the opportunity to revisit every single post I have done since I first began blogging on September 15, 2005. The reason was because I had archived a host of different files and news articles on Geocities and elsewhere, and because I did not wish to pay Yahoo to house those things (I already maintain another website dedicated to New York City's illegitimate, involuntary HbA1c tracking plan that patients CANNOT opt out of,, and I have a LOT of unused storage space there). Anyway, that required me to visit every single posting I have ever done in order to identify posts that contained links to the now-defunct Geocities sites and migrate the files elsewhere, if necessary.

Although I consider myself a good judge of sources and links I feature in my postings so those I use are much less likely to expire, many do end up being relocated at some point. One example was a 2007 Express Scripts study that evaluated the impact that generic insulin could have on U.S. pharmaceutical spending. Express Scripts remains a vital, profitable company (they've grown, too, having acquiring the PBM business from WellPoint earlier this year), but they relocated the reports I had cited to a slightly altered location, meaning the old links were dead.

The sheer number of links made this a time-consuming and interesting process. The good news is that more than 98% of the links in every archived post has been verified or updated to ensure they still work, and hopefully well into the future. I relied heavily on the Internet Archive ( in many cases, and even used the Internet Archive's links for URL's I felt were likely to expire or be relocated in the future, so they'll remain relevant into the future.

As part of the process, I also had the opportunity to review some posts that I'd long since forgotten about, but still put a smile on my face. One of those is the subject of today's "Throwback Thursday" posting, and that was a rather amusing YouTube posting (one of my first to feature videos) called "Schoolhouse Rock vs. Public Schoolhouse Rock" from October 23, 2007, a little over 2 years ago. The posting says it all, but see if you don't find this one amusing!!

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