Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wayback Wednesday: Holiday-Themed Posts at Scott's Web Log

One of the things I pride myself on here at Scott's Web Log is that a visitor can visit virtually any post from years ago, and virtually all of the links contained in my old posts still work. I say most because keeping the links "alive" is no small task, especially since I've been blogging since 2005. Although I don't blog as often as I once did (I'm still on Twitter pretty much daily), over time, with the internet being one of the most ephemeral of media, news items move, YouTube videos are taken down, or a news organization that publishes items reorganizes their own website and all their link addresses change. Hence, maintaining the links in my posts is an ongoing effort!

To a large extent, I have come to rely on the Internet Archve "Wayback Machine" which is nicknamed for the time-travel device featured in "Rocky and Bullwinkle" cartoons (which ran on TV from 1959 to about 1973, but were replayed in syndication throughout the 1970s). I elaborated more on that when I told visitors how they could retrospectively visit my recently-departed (see HERE if you missed the news) friend Deb Butterfield's site, and while my original page on that disappeared with free webhosting by Geocities, it remains permanently available, see HERE. Incidentally, while Geocities' days of free website hosting may be history, some of us have discovered that Google presently offers some limited free websites at Google Sites which happens to be where I host my disclosure policy. So for those of you with a desire to build your own website without paying for it, thanks to the Google advertising machine, you can still do so!

Back to the Wayback Machine.

These days, I don't think Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons can even be found on Cartoon Network's Boomerang cable channel, as kids today seem to prefer computer animation or at least top-rated classics like Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes over the old-school cartoons, but Rocky and Bullwinkle are preserved forever on DVD, and I would imagine are therefore available for streaming via Netflix (although I'm still new to streaming videos having just acquired a Sony Streaming Media Player, so those may or may not be there yet, I'm not certain). Anyway, keeping my all of my links in old posts active is a full-time job, and while I try to stay on top of it,every once and a while, a link stops working. Just know that those are relatively rare when you visit the archives of Scott's Web Log.

Anyway, over the years, I have posted a few "holiday" themed blog posts, and in honor of the "Wayback Machine" noted, I'm referring to today's post as a "Wayback Wednesday" post featuring some holiday-themed posts from years past. Have a look at a few of my former holiday posts (along with some comments I'm adding) here:

Season's Greetings 2008
(Includes some parodies of classic holiday videos)

On a somewhat (marginally?) related note, check out this post entitled "10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' HERE for some interesting things you might not know about the Charles Schultz classic holiday special.

Then, last year, I did this post which I'm still kind of proud of. Re-writing the lyrics to the holiday song "Santa Baby" really stretched my creative imagination!

Santa D-Baby (the D stands for diabetes)

For some more retro stuff, check out the site entitled (Get it? Betamax, the now defunct rival VCR format to VHS from Sony ... a few years from now, readers may even ask what a VCR is/was!) which I learned about from another blog known as More details can be found at their site, which is at

I hope to have time to write again before the New Year, but to everyone in the diabetes online community, please enjoy this holiday retro-moment and have very happy holidays!


Mike Hoskins said...

Thanks for all the ongoing work you endure using the Way Back Machine to keep the links alive, Scott. It's a great service to those in the D-Community and beyond. Love the retro, and of course the Santa Baby remix from last year! Thanks for posting, and regardless of whether it's before 2012 sets in or not, looking forward to the ones down the road! Happy holidays your way, my friend.

Kate Cornell said...

The Wayback Machine! Peabody and Sherman!! Good memories. And just for the record, my grandsons sit spellbound when watching the DVD I have of old cartoons. There is still hope for the next generation! Merry Christmas!